Three Gorges Power Plant

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With a total installed capacity of 22400MW, Three Gorges Power Plant reaches the top of all the hydropower plants in the world. It is composed of 32 hydraulic generators (700MW/unit), of which 14 are left bank plants, 12 right bank plants and 6 underground ones.

With a maximum capacity of 840MVA, 700MW hydraulic generator units are considered as the world top capacity hydraulic generator units. In the 80s, CNEEC already participated in the research and argumentation works of Three Gorges Power Plant, in order to do well the preliminary work. In the 90s, cooperating with Chinese main engine factories, we took charge of the technical introduction and the manufacture of six units which were already accomplished in 2005.

Meanwhile, CNEEC cooperated with High Voltage Switchgear Factory to introduce the techniques for 500kV GIS, of which the production was finished in 2005. Actually, the right bank generator units, produced mostly by Chinese companies, are also put into service. CNEEC has contributed a great deal to the cooperation between Chinese and foreign firms, to the introduction of advanced technology, and to the development of auto-research.

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